Can home assistant control the CompanyBlue WIFI switched spur

I was wondering if anyone has tried to control the COmpanyBlue switched spur?

It connects fo Google and Amazon, details here:



As a last resort, you can send commands to alexa to control it, as a very much resort, if you can’t find a solution :slight_smile:

Thanks, but I don’t use Alexa, and I would prefer to buy a switch that’s natively supported. I have seen one that has Tuya support, it’s just more expensive :wink:

Looks like it has Tuya integration, so I should be good to go.

It works a treat, now to the challenge about how to make it do what I want!

Hi Paul,

Is this just a case of signing up to a tuya account then installing the plugin/integration to HA? (don’t suppose you have a screenshot of the functionality?)

Scott Read