Can Home Assistant Open and closed motorized curtains?

Can Home Assistant Open and closed motorized curtains?

I have the relics of a home automation system setup in the 90’s using "ELAN’ equipment. The installer is out of business, the system uses a bunch of proprietary software that no one understands.

One of the biggest fallout of this system is that it has stopped working to open and close the bedroom curtains which are motorized. I am wondering if perhaps this feature can perhaps be taken over by home assistant and if so what type of hardware would I need to make this work?


Yes., definitely.

There’s a number of options.

I don’t use it but switchbot have received good reviews.

EDIT: sorry, so you have an existing motor system. How does it work? voltage, etc.

It all depends on what curtain system you have. I have this system and it can connect to HA with ZWave, Zigbee or wifi, as you can use any plug that is compatible with HA.
There are other (cheaper and more expensive) systems.
Through HA I can use Google Assistant and/or Alexa to control the curtains.