Can Home Assistant receive signals from a Zwave transmitter and trigger other things?

Hello all.

First of all, I have neither Home assistant nor any Zwave hardware… This is a question about “can this be done”, which would tell me if I should persue this as a project. Bear with me while I introduce my past experience in home automation:

I’ve played with X-10 automation heavily in the past, using the ADI Ocelot controller to do just about anything I want. I still have it up and running. In the world of X-10, signals are just that: I can send a A1/A On command pair from a transmitter to a device, or a controller like the Ocelot. Just set things to the same address and it works. Does Zwave operating in a similar fashion or is there more to initial setup, like some kind of pairing, device discovery or whatever?

The reason I’m asking about this is that I was given an old programmable remote (Monster AVL-300) that supports controlling Zwave switches. What I’d like to know is: could the remote transmit a Zwave command that Home Assistant could receive, which would then trigger other things? I’d have no actual Zwave switches anywhere. Can Home Assistant emulate Zwave switches (if that’s necessary) so that the remote could then trigger events?


Yes! Thats what homeassistant is for. The octopus in protocols and integrations!

Thanks for the response. I already have a raspberry pi (the original one), so I guess I need to get a supported Zwave USB dongle to get started. Any other suggestions welcome.

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