Can Home assistant send text messages to cell phones?

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I have the following question, my home assistant can send me a text message to two cell phones, in case my cell phone runs out of navigation I can receive text messages to the cell phone

Not sure I really understand the question, but I have automations in HA which send text messages. What I do is use the SMTP (e-mail) platform. Most cell providers have a way to send an e-mail to a special address ([email protected] or whatever) which gets forwarded along as a text.

Yeah you can definitely have home assistant send text messages to your cell phone.

Check out the Twilio SMS Integration for details on how to set it up.

Once you have that configured, it’s like any “notify” integration that you can trigger from an automation.

Let me know if you have any questions setting it up!

What about sending HA Notifications to phone??

Works like a charm, but is limited (was it 500/day?)

Most cell company allow email to SMS by email to [email protected]

Befor push notifications I use smtp notification to email to my phone sms

Guess this was already mentioned :grinning:

OK, thanks a lot

Just starting out with HA.
I want to send notifications to my cell.
This is pretty straight forward in other Home Automation systems.
With HA this feature seems to be an after thought.
Can you provide more specific on how you did it CaptTom?

Thanks, stevenr

I agree notifications are an important feature if you’re using HA for any kind of home monitoring. Unfortunately I don’t think a lot of people do.

The SMTP integration is described here and in a very old thread here. My own configuration looks like this:

  - platform: smtp
    name: user1_sms
    port: 465
    sender: [email protected]
    encryption: tls
    username: [email protected]
    password: MyPassWord
    recipient: [email protected]

This recipient e-mail format works for Google Fi phone numbers. You might have to search to see how to send an e-mail to your carrier’s network as an SMS (text) message.

Are you using app (ios or android) or are you wanting to use some specific notification method. There are several methods

Sorry just seeing this response now.
I have an Android phone. I want to send notifications to my cell from an automation.
From what reading I’ve done it looks like you have to subscribe to some other 3rd party, like Twillo, to do notification delivery.
I was hoping for a way that doesn’t cost $ to do.

Why not using telegram integration?

Thanks CaptTom.
It looks like I would need to modify the configuration.yaml file?
I have not gotten that far with HA.
How would I get to the file?

Disregard the last msg.
With your example I was able to get a notification to go to my cell.
Perfect no cost solution.

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Great suggestion! I just wish I had seen this before I gave clicksend $20. :slightly_frowning_face:

After I posted that I was able to get notifications going I found this for local push via the Android companion. I have found it to be very reliable.

I found a free and relatively easy way to send SMS messages.

Somebody already mentioned the carrier email, however not all countries have them.

My solution:
Use Shortcuts on Ios and Automate/Tasker on Android to setup an automation that if you get an email with a specific subject (or password) the message of the email will be send as SMS from you phone.

Depending on your email settings you might have some delay, but this solution worked very reliably for me.

Once I’ve added this to my configuration YAML, how do I call it? I have gone into an automation and clicked on notify, but it doesn’t show the name I gave it. Thoughts?

I share the question posed by kevandcan. I have updated my configuration.yaml to add the ‘notify’ section.

However, when I create an automation (using the Visual Editor) and attempt to configure a notification, I cannot figure out how to specify the name that I assigned to the notification in the configuration.yaml file.

I would have thought that in the ‘Action’ choices, after selecting ‘Notifications’ followed by ‘Send a Notification’, there would be “something” that would allow me to specify the notification name in the YAML file. Instead, I get the options to provide a Message body, Title, Target, and Data. Since the Target has already been put into the YAML file, that seemed unnecessary (although I entered the same recipient anyway).

I also restarted Home Assistant, and also just tried reloading the YAML files.

When I trigger the running of the automation, the logs show that the the automation was launched, but nothing appears to have been sent (which makes sense, since I couldn’t specify what notify name to use).

Thanks in advance for any assistance.