Can Home Assistant's config be loaded onto Node RED?

For years now I’ve keep hearing Node-RED is the ultimate automation tool here and there. I never cared for it because I was using HA itself as a frontend for my then automation controller, about a week ago I moved all devices from my old controller to HA, though; thus I had to start from zero, automation-wise. I got out of the way three that were crucial for things to not fall apart here; it wasn’t hard or anything but it was really tedious jumping in and out several browser windows on different areas of HA to work out ambiguities which were made worse by the lingering MQTT devices on the old controller still appearing on the list duplicating their directly-connected selves.

I think I might benefit from Node-RED, if it’s even what I think it is, but the documentation-tutorial-FAQ remix goes from install [:heavy_check_mark:︎ standalone; :heavy_check_mark:︎ as HA add-on], to creating [:heavy_check_mark:︎] and deploying [:heavy_check_mark:︎] first flows and then points to YouTube. [:heavy_check_mark:︎, :heavy_check_mark:︎, :heavy_check_mark:︎].

The guides omit mentioning, though, where are these flow deployed to, specially given no connection to another server has been instructed/acknowledged, appearing more like a code assembler/templating utility than something that can pull and manipulate data/systems. Viewing what I have already done in HA from Node-REDs side would be is an easy way to master the basics (and then some) in one step which would be super helpful since I started running against time the minute I switched over controllers; now with all automation gone.

On the last attempt I gave it (now) I added it as an HA add-on. So I know it must be pre-integrated at least but I still have no idea how, or how to pull an automation from HA so I can take it from there. It can’t be MQTT I just removed it to make the duplicate devices go away. Is it a direct API? If I were to deploy a new Node-RED instance, how would it be set up for HA integration?—or anything else for that matter—how is X set up/integrated with Node-RED?

Anyway, I hope you can clear things out.

If all fails, I can always unplug one USB cable from one system o another in the rack; the old controller. Which continued online for some manual control, but this would be like the 6th or 7th time in the last few years, it’d be nice to finally stay put. :)

Are you asking to import your HA automation in Node red?
That isn’t going to work. You could read the automation as text but that is all.
You need to set up the automations in node red

Node Red is an alternative to running automations in HA.
You can do both if you can handle having automations in two places.
I have some simple one in HA and the more complex ones in Node Red.

Node Red have access to the state machine og HA and you can also make use of its service calls, so it is practically only the automation script that is handled by Node Red.

“Ulitmate automation tool” is a bit of a reach. But there are some things that Node Red does easier than a Home Assistant automation. I would never say “better” because you can usually accomplish the same task with either.

I don’t think you understand the relationship between Home Assistant and Node Red. (I don’t).
Here’s my best guess at what’s happening. (And if I am wrong, we will see a correction very soon).

Remember, this is a guess.
Node Red and Home Assistant are both Java programs. When you deploy a Node Red flow or “Finish” a Home Assistant automation, a binary code is generated that runs on a Java Virtual Machine. When you install the Node Red add-on in Home Assistant, you get the latest version of Node Red you also get nodes that links to and from the Home Assistant entities. So, in Node Red, I can read or change my Home Assistant entities, or I can create a Home Assistant entity from Node Red. There is no further connection (that I am aware of) between the two.

Because that’s not how the relationship works.

Like I said, some operations are easier in Node Red and some are easier in Home Assistant. I try to use the path of least complexity.

For example. I have a PIR switch on an ESPHome device. I want the light controlled by the switch to remain on as long as the PIR detects movement within the timeout period. I know I can do this with an Automation, but it would be complex. However, I can do it in Node Red with just four nodes:

I also find integration with Alexa so much easier using Node Red. Not better, but easier. And I am basically lazy.

Here’s how I turn all lights in the house on or off with, again, just four nodes:

In this flow Alexa hears “All Lights On”, or “All Lights Off”. The function node decides “Did I hear ‘On’ or ‘Off’?” then calls the appropriate Home Assistant service. In this case the Call Service runs the automation for All Lights On or All Lights Off.

Again, not better, but easier. I have about 50 automations in my Home Assistant- many that I could never duplicate in Node Red. I just use the best tool for a given task.

So to answer your question, I think, Node Red is a complement to Home Assistant. Just another tool in the toolbox.