Can I access the home assistant os via vnc?

Is it possible for me to remote-in via a graphical user interface remote desktop connection?

I have installed the SSH add-on.

I am not able to SSH in using the ssh [email protected] command.

I am able to use the built-in terminal window of the add on.

The OS, as far as I am aware, does not have a graphical interface.

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Can i SSH in from my mac?

I get this when I try:

> [email protected] ~ % ssh [email protected]:8123
> ssh: Could not resolve hostname nodename nor servname provided, or not known
> [email protected] ~ % ssh [email protected]
> ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused
> [email protected] ~ %

Did you turn on the ssh addon?

Also it is not on port 8123. Try port 22.

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yes indeed, and I can see it in the ha web interface.

I just edited my post to add some info about ports.

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I can log in to the web interface through a browser using but not :22

I cannot access via ssh using 22 or 8123

Which ssh addon are you using (there are two)?

The core “Terminal & SSH” addon uses port 22.
The community “SSH & Web Terminal” uses port 2222.

Did you configure it with a password?

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I’m using this one:

I don’t recall setting a password for it.

I can’t load that image. You can drag and drop images into your post directly in the forum (resize them first!).

Anyway, try setting a password for your ssh addon under the configuration tab and then restart the addon.

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I have this on the config screen:

Set a password and restart the addon.

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Still not able to login via ssh, getting identical error messages. have restarted my terminal window on my mac and the addon.

edit: I was using the wrong username. I should have been using root!


I don’t run the OS or addons, but that looks suspicious to me.