Can I add a certificate with the Rest-integration?

I bought a Samsung washing machine that can communicate with Samsung SmartThings via wifi. Since I want to try to communicate locally with devices as much as possible, I have been looking for a way to do this with my “smart” washing machine.

I can’t find an integration that allows me to talk to my washing machine locally, so I looked for a local API on te web, and I found one! I am absolutely not familiar with APIs, but with a lot of reading online and trial en error, I managed to get this status information from the washing machine:

   "Devices" : [
         "name" : "Washer",
         "resources" : [
         "EnergyConsumption" : {
            "saveLocation" : "/files/usage.db"
         "InformationLink" : {
            "href" : "/devices/0/information"
         "Washer" : {
            "supportedRinseCycles" : [
            "supportedWaterTemperature" : [
            "waterTemperature" : "40",
            "rinseCycles" : "3",
            "supportedSpinLevel" : [
            "spinLevel" : "1400"
         "type" : "Washer",
         "id" : "0",
         "Mode" : {
            "options" : [
            "supportedOptions" : [
         "uuid" : "********-****-0000-0000-000000000000", # UUID is hidden, don't know of this is importend?
         "Alarms" : [],
         "Diagnosis" : {
            "diagnosisStart" : "Ready"
         "connected" : true,
         "description" : "TP6X_WW6500(C097277E0429)",
         "Operation" : {
            "kidsLock" : "Ready",
            "progressPercentage" : 1,
            "progress" : "None",
            "supportedProgress" : [
            "remainingTime" : "03:20:00",
            "state" : "Ready",
            "power" : "On"
         "ConfigurationLink" : {
            "href" : "/devices/0/configuration"

BUT this is on my computer in a python environment or with curl commands, now I would like to try to use the rest integration of Home Assistant.

to communicate you need a self-signed certificate.

MY QUESTION: Does anyone know if I can add a certificate with the Rest-integration?

If some-one is interested that can can build a real integration for this please contact me, i try to give you as much information about what i so far figured out. it looks that this local api is working also for connected dryers, dishwashers en air-conditioners.

My washing machine just packed up and looking for a new one. I had Samsung in mind and looking for one with WiFi. Are you happy with yours? Can you confirm the model?
If I end up get one I’ll defo look at creating an integration if not too difficult.
Back to your question, you’ll need to get a list of commands that can be sent. If it’s via curl, that’s ok, we just need to know what the command is…

Hi Lolouk44,

I can definitely recommend the washing machine, we have had it for 2 years now and it always works, is quiet and the WiFi function is a nice extra feature. mainly because you get a notification when the machine is ready, and you could also set or start the machine remotely. But I won’t be doing this anytime soon. But with Home Assistant and an automation you could, for example, start your washing machine when your solar panels generate a lot. The model is: Samsung Addwash 8kg WW80K6405SW

It would be great if you could build an integration for this, I have familiarized myself with python and would like to be able to do it myself, but unfortunately I do not have enough knowledge to make a well-functioning integration.

the information I gathered comes mainly from this github form and the hardest step was getting a bear token from the machine, because for this you need to set up a simple server script that listens to port 8889 while making a token request on port 8888.

more info can be found here: Same principle, HA climate integration
or here: Github conversation about AC in Openhab

I’m going to try to figure out what commands I can send to the machine.

How did you get the washing machine token? In the air conditioning you have to press a button.