Can I add a trigger to a sensor "filter" platform to force it to update periodically?

This works reasonably well

- platform: filter
  unique_id: "-------------------"
  name: "Foo"
    - filter: time_simple_moving_average
      window_size: "00:10"
      precision: 1

It’s mostly ok but it does have a tendency to get “stuck” at a high value when the underlying sensor drops back down to 0 and never changes.
As with a lot in HA, this update optimization works fine in most cases but for sensors that are a function of time (moving avgs, derivatives, etc) it tends to produce the wrong behavior. I know it’s behaving “as designed” so I’m not going to even try raising requests to change it.

My question is, could I conver this to a trigger-supported type instead to get it to update at least once every 5 minutes.

Sadly, it seems like the filter platform is not migrated to the new template one so I haven’t figured out how to add a trigger to it. Am I being stupid or it’s just not possible? Thanks.