Can i add an entities attributes to a view?

i’m going through customising my views in the web frontend.

like many others, i have a lot of battery powered sensors. i would like to group them in a group. so i naively thought i could do something like:

  name: Battery Status
  view: no
    - binary_sensor.front_door_mini.battery_level
    - camera.entryway.battery_level

but it fails.

i don’t really fancy creating dedicated many sensor entity for each device. any suggestions?

Unfortunately it’s not that simple. Fortunately you’re not the only one with this issue:


^ second vote for the battery alert package. Works brilliantly. I slimmed it down a bit for my setup, but the general principle remains the same. @NotoriousBDG has done a great job there.

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Any chance you could share your “slimmed down” setup? I too am using the package. I do not use the groups or the Mqtt discovery. Just the automations. Works great except it tracks my cell phone batteries. I used battery_alert_disabled: true In my customize settings for all cell phones but it still alerts on them. Trying to figure out a way to fix that portion.


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