Can I add chart annotations to existing bars?


I’m using the Tariff configurations to split my energy usage into Cheap/Standard/Peak rate energy, and am tracking my solar self use to create a graph like this:


What I’d like to achieve is to have the top of each bar annotated with the cost that the associated energy type has cost me on that particular day. Is there a way to achieve this?

Here’s the configuration for the graph:

chart_type: bar
period: day
type: statistics-graph
  - entity: sensor.octopus_flux_import_power_cheap
    name: Cheap
  - entity: sensor.octopus_flux_import_power_standard
    name: Standard
  - entity: sensor.octopus_flux_import_power_peak
    name: Peak
  - entity: sensor.solar_energy_self_consumed
    name: Solar
logarithmic_scale: false
  - change
hide_legend: false
unit: kWh
days_to_show: 3