Can I add second conbee II USB stick to boost the signal?

Hi Everyone,
I am currently using a Conbee II USB stick in my Home Assistant, but I am experiencing weak signal strength.
I am considering using a second Conbee II USB stick powered in the middle of my home to boost the signal.
Would it be okay to do so?

First of all make sure you use an extension cord (USB2, not an active USB3 one) to keep the conbee stick away from the Raspberry USB3 ports or any other interference If you then still have weak signal, place a zigbee router (any always mains powered zigbee device) inbetween. A second stick will create a separate zigbee network (as it is a controller, not a router), which will make the mesh weaker, not stronger.

You could also buy a sonoff stick and flash it with router software, and then add it to the conbee network.

Thank you for the comment, is there away to use the second Conbee II USB stick as a signal repeater?

No I don’t think there is router firmware for conbee sticks. But there is for Sonoff sticks. I use those as routers (albeit with a sonoff coordinator too, but that shouldn’t matter).

But typically it makes more sense to use e.g. smart plugs or bulbs as routers, because they also perform other functions. Is there really nothing you would like to control or measure power off inbetween?

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Like @Edwin_D already mentioned: make sure to use USB2 and an extension cable.

Have a look at this: Guide for Zigbee interference avoidance and network range/coverage optimization

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