Can I add Thread devices on iOS without a Thread-Capable Home Hub?

Hey there. I’ve got a Hardkernel ODROID-N2/N2+ (same as Home Assistant Blue) running the following:

  • Home Assistant 2023.6.1
  • Supervisor 2023.06.2
  • Operating System 10.2

I’ve been excited about the prospect of using Thread/Matter more as they become available in more devices, so I ordered a Home Assistant SkyConnect a while back, which came in the mail this week.

Eager to test it, I ordered a Nanoleaf Essentials Matter Smart Lightswitch. I didn’t have any colored strip lighting before, and it was relatively cheap.

The Home Assistant documentation says I should be able to add this through the Home Assistant iOS application, but it is pulling up a iOS-styled prompt during commissioning and failing with a message reading Thread Border Router Required, including language that my home network must include a border router, and that my home hub (a first-gen HomePod) does not provide this.

Am I required to have an Apple-manufactured home hub to add these devices? Shouldn’t my SkyConnect be enough? I have IPv6 enabled on my Home Assistant box, and ip address lists them for the wpan0 interface… I’m fairly certain this is all routable on my network.

So… what else do I try? How can I debug this? “Commission a device using an app on iOS that connects over Bluetooth to hand credentials to a border router that is on a USB dongle given an IP on a virtual interface on my Home Assistant” is a pretty complex beast, and I don’t know where to start.

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I’m struggling to understand this too - did you figure it out?