Can i automate this type of gas meter?

mine currently looks like the after, but i can get an analog meter (left), if that helps

The after picture shows a smart meter with wireless or han interface, so contact your gas provider and hear what options they can provide.

they have an api, but requires a cert and the data is ~ 2 days. old, how can i tell if i can use a hacked aqara door sensor with a reed switch?

Gas companies in the US reeeeeeeally don’t like when you attach things to the meter. You’ll have to see about a Han device. (congrats on smart meter, I’m probably three to four years away from same here in Texas.

…But a quick check of the Pg&E site says they’re currently only supporting HAN devices in electric meters… I didn’t find a solution for Gas yet.

meh, its behind my gate, they never come out since everything can be read from their remote servers, im not worried about it, i did find a smappee device that can read the optical dials, i might give that a try if it’s not that expensive

I’ve been tracking the smart meter roll out here in NJ. We use PSE&G. I’ll probably be getting one in 2023. I called them and spoke to someone on their smart meter-specific hotline who said there would be no public API or smart home connectivity. I’m hoping she’s wrong.

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it wouldnt be public… pge here in california requires you to. upload a cert to their servers and then you can use oath2 to validate and get your data