Can i build multi panel on dashboard

hello guys
can I build using dashboard multi panel?

I like to build “main” panel that will include buttons to sector of the hose

for exp:
main panel will have 6 buttons that when I click on of them it will open a new dashboard and this panel will show only the buttons and sensor of this sector.

main panel will have this sector ( master room,child room,living room…)
and when I click on master room a new panel will open of the all switch and sensor of the master room.

I try to build a master room.yaml file and include that on main.dash,but is show me all on the main dash

The dashboard example pretty much does exactly what you are asking for.

I get this part and add multi dashboard

can I add floorplan to the dashboard?
I like for etc room that show the switch of the room and pitcher of the room and the state of this room like temp and status of the switch.

can I do that on hadashboard?

Currently no, to use floorplan you would have to include it as an iframe panel as part of HA iframe widget I think - see here…

You can show floorpanel using wallpanel - see here…

Do correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m quite positive that you can add iframes to hadashboard (and therefore floorplan). I think that I’ve seen someone do it before.