Can I change a binary sensor to report as open/closed as opposed to on/off?

Rather than showing me OFF, I would like it to say CLOSED.

Likewise ON, I want it to show OPEN. I could have sworn this ability was added a recent update but I cant find how to do it.

If it is a binary sensor defined in YAML, choose the appropriate device_class to add to the configuration.

If it is a discovered entity use the “Show As” option when editing the entity in the gui.

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Ok, thats weird. It was already set to Show As: Door, but was showing on/off. I selected garage door, then selected door again, and now its open/close.


Check that you don’t have any Customize yaml overriding this.

if I restart HA and it remains open/close and doesnt switch back to ON/OFF, would that prove out I have no customize? I checked my log editor, I didnt see customize anywhere