Can I change text position with card-mods?

I found out how to change color or style of fonts and components of cards with card-mods.
Now I’ve got the problem, that I would like to change the position of a text inside a card.
I use atomic-revive calendar card and i would like the change the position of the description from the left side of the card to the right. How can I do this ?
And also for example the date. It written under each other: for example Mo, 01. Jan . Its all one under the other. I would like to have them side by side. How can I do things like this ? Or is this impossible in card-mods and i would have to write my own card for things like this ?

Nobody can help ? Perhaps there is a tutorial or video on this topic, that I did not find…

Its not a atomic-revive specific question. Does someone know a tutorial or a way to change the position of texts in a card ?