Can I completely remove the sidebar and top bar?

To have something like a Kiosk mode?

Try kiosk-mode which you can install via HACS or manually.

[Updated to link to newer fork per @d_sellers1 suggestion.]

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Awesome. Thank you so much!!!

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Any other solution? Kiosk-mode seems that it will not survive anymore…

I just saw that the developer archived it, hope home assistant work a core feature to do this.

Try this:

Works great with fully-kiosk.

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kiosk-mode doesn’t easy for me and also its archived.

i tested the lovelace-wallpanel. lightly skewed has it suggested above… and it works on my setup after 10min… great

THX, works fine.

  hide_header: true


Hi guys as you can see, kiosk mode is not being developed anymore.
Have a look at: GitHub - thomasloven/hass-browser_mod: 🔹 A Home Assistant integration to turn your browser into a controllable entity and media player

EDIT: browser_mod has more interesting features, I would advise to just dig into it!

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@mattf: can you please mark the answer that solved this for you as the solution?
That way this topic has more value for fellow HA-users who search for the same thing + no time/energy is wasted by others trying to help you.

set it per user

hide_header: false
hide_sidebar: false
hide_header: true
hide_sidebar: true
ignore_entity_settings: false

Using a browser everything is fine. But Search and Assistant still are visible in the companion app. Is it possible to hide these in companion app also?

There is a newer fork of kiosk-mode available that is frequently updated and has more features by @NemesisRE.

@gantim This fork can hide the Search and Assist buttons.

The previous version was able to hide these elements already in the browser, but not in the companion app. Are you sure that this capability was added?

But I am not trying to give my children this access anymore, at least for the moment. It is not helpful if they always need to configure their lighting using the mobile, they currently are not allowed to use it during sleep time. Which is when such configuration could be more helpful than at other times.

Link updated per your request.

Did this get answered i hid mine but want to make changes to dashboard now and cant,as editor is hidden