Can I configure a Zigbee device at HA and Smartlife app at same time

I’m new to HA and Zigbee world, so I was wondering if it is possible to acess a Zigbee device with HA and with Smartlife app at same time, so i can use HA app as a main server and smartlife app as backup, in case of HA failure.


Tuya devices have to be set up in Smartlife first before HA can use them. The official Tuya integration keeps everything in the cloud, so your Smartlife app will continue to work in parallel.

Even the LocalTuya integration from HACS will work in parallel with both the official integration and the Smartlife app. Like the official integration, the device needs to be set up in the app first. Once configured in LocalTuya, devices can be blocked from the web if desired (but you would then give up app functionality). Whether web connected or blocked, all of HA’s LocalTuya interaction with the device will be local. LocalTuya does not support as many devices as the official Tuya integration and is a little more work to set up. I don’t think LocalTuya supports anything connected via a Tuya zigbee hub.

Many (most?) Tuya zigbee devices are supported by ZHA and zigbee2mqtt, so smartlife can be completely avoided for zigbee devices if desired. If you instead prefer to use a Tuya zigbee hub, I think the official integration will support most devices, but that probably needs to be confirmed.

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Thanks @jerrm! I tried once but i failed to make it work. I will try to add a new device first to smartlife and then to HA with the official integration… i will publish a follow up.

Hi @Jlmpenedo , how did you get on using your Zigbee devices with both Tuya and Home Assistant?

I guess he must be using a those devives with a Tuya Zigbee hub/gateway and then the Tuya integration to get that into Home Assistant, (because Zigbee devices do not support connecting to more than a single Zigbee Coordiantor so he can not be using a Zigbee device with Zigbee2MQTT or the ZHA integration and a Tuya Zigbee gateway/hub at the same due to Zigbee limitation that way).

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Pudiste integrarlo? el mimso problema que tengo