Can I configure these DWIN 4.1" touchscreens to work with HA?

Can anyone advise on the compatibility of these touch screen wall panels and how to configure them with HA please?
They look perfect for my needs (and the only thing that size in my budget)
BUT I don’t know how to get them to talk to HA !

I’m talking to the manufacturer who says they run on their own DGUS operating system (no, Ive never heard of it - apparently it’s a Keil C program, but that’s way beyond my knowledge). You configure your own displays using the onboard UI and “connect with the users MCU through RS232/RS485/TTL directly” - however I’m a total newb to this and really don’t know what that means.

I know most folk use android tablets as wall panels, I was going to, but can’t find any small enough for my needs - I want fifteen 4" (approx) wall panels that will mostly just control RGBCCT strips that will be mounted beside my standard light switches, main control panel will be a tablet on a table.

I’d like to design my own dashboard in Lovelace and transfer that to the panel, as you do with Android panels, but if I’m restricted to the onboard UI I can cope with that - like I say I don’t need much on these units, just something like this:

basic RGBCCT layout 4_4

If it matters, I’ll be using HA blue, RGBCCT controllers on Zigbee mesh, Drayton Wiser heating control and a few smart switches, Alexa.

Here’s the original ad:

If someone could explain how I go about this I’d be very grateful.
Sorry if this should be in the hardware forum, but I’m asking HOW, not just IF I can get them to work.
Many thanks folks.

It’s using a proprietary chip (“T5L”) and the one you pointed to doesn’t have networking capabilities.
Unless you are a hardcore DIYer, forget it :wink:

Thanks (even though that obviously wasn’t the answer I was after haha).

When you say doesn’t have networking capabilities, I completely forgot to mention: they can be fitted with wifi capability at a small extra cost. My bad. Does that change anything?

I’m pretty “hard” core with the DIY - I’m building all but the exterior of my house - and I am a sound engineer/theatre tech by trade, but electronics aren’t really my field (even tough I’ve got ‘with electronics’ in my degree title lol …how hard core are we talking?

your help’s much appreciated mate :slight_smile:

Point is that, as it’s a proprietary chip, you are locked-in with the tools and documentation they offer, with limited (if any) community support/examples/recipes.
Look for them, and see if you can make it work as you want it to.

Ah! I get you! This looks beyond my skill level, but now you’ve pointed out what I should be looking for I’ll investigate further.
Thanks for the tips :slight_smile: