Can I control tasmota options within homeassistant

I have some Athom Tasmota plugs (latest firmware installed) and they show up in homeassistant as expected right away after linking them to the right SSID and configuring the MQTT settings.

By default they have 1 switch and a bunch of sensors. Now I would like to be able to set some other options, like the PowerOnState. I know this can be done directly by connecting to the IP address of the switch or I could send an mqtt messages to update the option.

But I’d prefer to have those options available for all of these plugs as controllable entities (like a switch or select) so I can easily change the PowerOnState or LedState, etc.

Is there a way to define custom entities (switch- or number type) which express the current state of Tasmota controls as listed in the Tasmota commands overview (Commands - Tasmota)? Could this be done with blueprints?