Can I control TRÅDFRI plugs added to the IKEA gateway in HA? Can I schedule them?

Hi, somewhat new to HA, mainly integrating Google Home speakers and a few Hue bulbs. Running HA on a Synology NAS, and I’m using the IKEA gateway for bulbs. I have the TRÅDFRI integration working, and can control my lights through HA.

I’d like to automate a radiator and a waterheater. I’m assuming this is possible using two TRÅDFRI plugs in an on/off sense. Two questions:

  • Using the TRÅDFRI integration, can I toggle these in HA like I can the bulbs?
  • Using automation scripts in HA, can I create a custom schedule to turn these on or off?

Thanks for your time!

  • yes, you can toggle them
  • yes, you can schedule them
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That is excellent. Thank you!