Can I create device-specific callback actions on the same lovelace dashboard?

I’m using a few custom lovelace dashboards to notify us about different things using a couple Google Home Displays. For that, I’ve setup a set of custom lovelave dashboards which essentially show one big button for users to press whenever the necessary action is done.

E.g.: Whenever the waching machine is done, the “washing machine reminder” lovelace will show up on a few Google Home Displays around the house displaying a large washing machine icon as button. Whoever emptied the washing machine can then press the icon on the Google Home and mark it as “done”.

Now, to raise the all-important woman-acceptance-factor, I had to “gamify” this a little bit with custom voice replies whenever “someone”, i.e. my wife, did the chore. Auto-replying a “thank you” using a voice command on the respective Google Home Display does wonders. However, I currently do not have a way of distinguishing between on which specific device (for now, only Google Home Displays) the “chore-done” button was pressed - so I have to do my reply action on all of them or the “most propable” one. Which is hit-or-miss.

TL;DR: Is there a way to detect on which device a lovelace button was pressed when using the same lovelace on all of them? I’d strongly prefer not to create device-specific (pratically identical but differently named) lovelace dashboards.