Can I delete these files?

With more than 50 ESP devices on my ESPHome, one finally would not be discovered by Home Assistant. Nothing I did; re-flashing the ESP, rebooting everything including the router, nothing worked. So, I flashed another ESP with the same code, but a different name. (freds-chair). That fixed the problem. The device (freds-chair) is discovered by Home Assistant and working fine.

After going into the ESPHome dashboard and deleting the device (chairservo) that wouldn’t discover, I am finding a number of leftover folders and files for that device. Can I safely delete these folders and folders?



Why would I have a servo on a chair? I am using ESPHome in some of my Halloween props this year. Previously I was programming my ESP devices using Arduino. This is an opportunity for me to do some new things using ESPHome. Fred is a skeleton sitting in a chair. The servo will make Fred turn toward the Halloween visitors.

I recall seeing this a while back. Might help. I think the answer is “yes”.

Check the vid in the post above it too.

Back up your yaml first!

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Thanks for the link. I was concerned that I might screw up a database.

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