Can I delete this part?

I want to close the part I marked, can I do that? So can i turn off the comma and after?

Are you using the regular entities card?

I am using dht22 via nodemcu

When creating the visualization/dashboard, you are selecting cards. This screen shot you shared looks like the “entity” card. As far as I know, this card cannot support transformations on the data from the sensor, so it will display exactly what is stored.

There are different ways around this. You can create a template sensor where the value of this new sensor is a result of another sensor, but rounded to 0 decimals.
One other way (and I think this one is easier) is to use some card supporting templates, so you can work with the data and display it as you want.

Take a look at the Mushroom Template Card. I personally like its layout and as it is quite popular you will find quite a good support here in the forum… Maybe you should give it a try and share here if you get stuck.