Can I get a Z-Wave device's config parameter I know is there (because I can set it)?

I can set a parameter in my Heatit thermostate like this

  "node_id": 3,
  "parameter": 10,
  "value": 150

But is there a way to get the parameter? I do not see it in states, but I know it’s in Hass somewhere because when I go to the node and “Node config options”, I can choose parameter 10, CO Mode Setpoint, and it will show the correct, current setting!

Edit: I mean get and send it with MQTT. Sort of the way I send the state of switches:

“payload_template”: “{{states.switch.ZWaveBryter4.attributes.node_id}},{{states.switch.ZWaveBryter4.state}}”,
“topic”: “eg/ZWaveBryter”

Did you ever get anywhere with this? I’d love to know if it’s possible to pull the current settings without having to open the control panel

Actually I did. Here’s the code :

- alias: Send modus ved beskjed
      payload_template: "{{state_attr('climate.termostat_'+trigger.payload+'_heating', 'operation_mode')}},{{state_attr('climate.termostat_'+trigger.payload+'_heating', 'node_id')}},{{state_attr('climate.termostat_'+trigger.payload+'_heating', 'current_temperature')}},{{trigger.payload}},{{state_attr('climate.termostat_'+trigger.payload+'_heating', 'temperature')}},{{state_attr('climate.termostat_'+trigger.payload+'_energy_heat', 'temperature')}}"
      topic: eg/Gulvtemperatur
    service: mqtt.publish
  condition: []
  id: '1476567232'
    platform: mqtt
    topic: EG/termostatmodus

This is triggered by the mqtt message EG/termostatmodus 8, where 8 is the payload and tells what sone this is in. You can see that the trigger payload is used in the script. This comes back with the MQTT message eg/Gulvtemperatur u"Heat (Default),3,26.0,8,5.0,18.0" which shows that this thermostate is on Heat mode, it’s Z-Wave device number 3, the current temperature is 26 (it’s a hot day in the south of Norway!), the zone is 8, the current setpoint is 5 (so basically off), and the setpoint in the mode energy heat is 18. I won’t say it’s easy to understand, but ran through the Python script i use in EventGhost it looks like this:

Sone: 8, Z-Wave-enhet: 3, temperatur: 26.0, modus: Heat (Default), setpoint: 5.0

Here it has swallowed the zone and the setpoint for the mode not in use, and it only shows the currently necessary info.

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