Can I get the Z-Wave device number in MQTT-messages when Node-RED could do it?

I know that Hass works on OpenZWave, like Node-RED does. My problem with Node-RED was that I couldn’t get it to work with my door lock, and that worked on first try with Hass! Which is very nice. So I hope I can stay on Hass and get the kinks out. But I have a few problems. I’ll deal with them in the order of importance. The most important is the message I get when I let Z-Wave broadcast messages on MQTT. I will explain my setup:

I have a Pi with Node-RED running the RFXtrx and Tellstick Duo, and now Hass running the Z-Stick. This all broadcasts to a VM running on my physical server, which has Girder and EventGhost running the heavy lifting. The main reason for using the Pi is that I can’t put my server in the middle of the house, but a Pi is no problem to put there. And the reason for using EG and Girder is that I have code with 15 year old roots that would take me like forever to rewrite to another system. But moving the concrete actions from the VM to the Pi was done in a weekend, mostly with search/replace and bugfixing.

I have set up the MQTT stream with this code:

# MQTT State stream
  base_topic: eg
      - binary_sensor
      - switch
      - sensor
      - lock
      - climate
      - zwave

So when I get the input to EG from one of my HeatIt floor termostats with MQTT in Hass I see this: u"22.5"

When I get it in Node-RED I see this: u"{"nodeid":13,"cmdclass":49,"cmdidx":1,"instance":1,"oldState":"12.5","currState":"12.5","label":"Temperature","units":"C","value":{"value_id":"13-49-1-1","node_id":13,"class_id":49,"type":"decimal","genre":"user","instance":1,"index":1,"label":"Temperature","units":"C","help":"","read_only":true,"write_only":false,"min":0,"max":0,"is_polled":false,"value":"12.5"},"uuid":"b827ebcbff17-0xf6a57d82-13"}"

This is be the send from the temostat (but of course another termostat, I am working on this at my cabin because I have tennants in 2/3 of my house and can’t use code that isn’t ready for “real world use” there. It’s one thing if my wife is mad at me in the morning because the bathroom is cold, it’s quite another if the people paying me to keep their bathroom warm in the morning gets a cold bathroom! :wink: So is there a way to get the full message through MQTT?

Another thing is my door lock, which didn’t work unlocking and locking in Node-RED, but showed me when the door was opened and closed. In Hass I only get something through MQTT when the lock status is changed, not the dor status. Is that maybe related?