Can I Have An Entity Filter Card That Shows When A Smart Plug Is Drawing Power?

I have a Zooz Zen04 Smart Plug with a lamp plugged into it. I want to easily know when the lamp has been turned on.

I currently have an entity filter card that will show me any light switches in the house that are on, so I can easily see which lights in the house have been left on.

However this lamp won’t show up there because it’s not a smart light or switch.

So what I’m hoping for is some type of entity filter card where the plug will show up anytime power is going through the plug.

I can put a graph of the power consumption on my dashboard, but that’s much more unwieldy than I’d like.

Does anyone know if this is possible? Ideally within the same entity filter card I have already built for the light switches.


From the docs, it looks like the filter card can take more than one state filter, so you should, in theory, be able to add the smart plug to the entity list and add another filter. The docs say the item will show if any filter is true, so it seems like that would work. Maybe post your YAML for that card so folks can take a look?

If that won’t work you might consider looking at the auto-entities card instead of the filter entities one.

With that card you can define two different entity groups (one for any light switch that is on and one for when the smart plug in question is drawing power) that will then show together. I use the auto-entities card to show me any battery below 20%, and to do that I have to group together a couple of different searches.

Could you setup a template light, with the state based on power>0 of your plug ? You might need to add a service for on and off that does nothing. Then it’ll appear as a light entity

Switch as light:

   - platform: switch
     name: Licht Gang boven 
     entity_id: switch.ikeaoutlet3


I think the OP says the plug is not a switch or light ?

OK, I found the bit about having multiple state filters and found that I could add the Amp usage entity. This actually works and gets the Amp usage to show up when the lamp gets turned on, which is awesome.

Trying to figure out now if I can somehow make this a toggle to turn the plug on/off. Or if I can make some sort of if/then where if Amp is > 0 then show switch.lamp_plug…

Here is what I have that resolved my initial query. (i took out a bunch of extra entities just to make it simpler to view, but the light will show up if it’s on, and that Amp sensor will show up if the lamp is on. Hoping to make that Amp sensor a toggle to switch the plug itself off and on).

type: entity-filter
  - light.play_room
  - sensor.lamp_plug_electric_consumption_a
  - 'on'
  - operator: '>'
    value: 0
  type: entities
  title: Active Lights