Can i have local tuya work with official tuya integration?

Hi All,

i have a smart light that i have connected to HA using official Tuya integration. My challenge is that when internet goes down, i am not able to switch on/off the light. i have thought of using local tuya to overcome this, but as i do not want to give up the ability to control these devices from outside my network, As i have a few sensors which require them to be connected to cloud.

Please advise.

thank you

Also with local tuya you continue to be able to control the device. In that sense ‘local’ is quite relative here as you need to connect to a tuya-project anyhow

To Answer my previous question. Yes, both work. you will be able to toggle your light switch in home assistant to switch on/off your light when you have no internet.

However, I have got into another issue, my light just randomly switches itself off( after 1-2 hrs) if i have the local light entity enabled. currently digging into that.