Can I install Home Assistant along side the Raspbian OS?


Background information

I am very new to the world of Home Assistant and still finding my feet.

I have a project in mind that I want to set up as the foundation of my Home Assistant install. (Snapcast+Mopidy for multi room audio).

My Questions

  1. Can I set up my Raspberry Pi 2b+ to run Raspbian and then install Home Assistant alongside the Raspbian OS??

  2. If point 1 is possible please could you tell me how to do it, or link me to some documentation to help me get started.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Take a look at this link

If you don’t have anything on the pi yet the hassbian install may be easier. It’s just a scripted install of HA on top of rasbian.

Yes. Install raspbian, then python, then HA.

HomeAssistant is written in python
Raspbian is Linux OS

It’s like asking if you may installing chrome on windows for example.

The generic virtual environment instructions will work fine, but there are specific instructions for a raspbian installation that will set the pi up in a standard way, that will match more of the other instructions around

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