Can I install Home Assistant Operating System on AMD64 PC?


I have a small form factor PC that has AMD 64 cpu. I was looking at installing Home Assistant and wanted to install the Home Assistant Operating System on it.

What is the easiest method for me to install this?

The easiest way seems to be the Intel NUC method but I do not think I can install it on my AMD 64 cpu.

I am not well versed with Linux so hopefully someone can assist

Try it. The worst that can happen is it not working.

I just in the past few days installed HassOS on an Intel NUC. I made it harder than it needed to be by misreading “image” to mean bootable image. But with generous help from others here…
What I did was to put the M.2 memory from the NUC into a Portable SSD Enclosure and flash the NUC image to it. I plugged the M.2 into the NUC and HassOS booted up. No Linux needed. (At least at the user level).

(I happened to have the SSD adapter because I had planned to make a Raspberry Pi use an M.2 as a boot device.)

AMD64 (x86_64) is just the name of the CPU architecture. A little counterintuitively, Intel CPUs also are/support AMD64. For your intents and purposes, they are identical and you shouldn’t have any problems.