Can I Integrate HASS and Samsung SmartThings Locally?

I have been using Samsung SmartThings as my main home automation hub since 2017. I have approximately 75 zigbee and z-wave devices connected to it. Lately, I’ve been experimenting with home assistant, which I run in a docker container. Is there a method to connect these two devices without any external traffic leaving my network? All my SmartThings devices operate locally.

No there is not. The SmartThings API is cloud only and there is no ST Edge driver for a HA installation.

Ah okay so there’s hope someday :ok_man:t5:

You can just buy a Zigbee stick, and connect all the Samsung SmartThings devices directly to HA and loose the hub?

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Don’t hold your breath for anything soon, Rich. The MOST LIKELY scenario is you get Matter Bridge functionality on either ST or HA (Probably HA first) but Bridge is complex and probably a way off. I’d bet more than a year at best.

I’m with @callifo, just move the stuff as soon as you’re comfortable with HA.

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I’ve been using Home Assistant for several years now, but a large number of devices were on SmartThings (which I used before moving to Home Assistant). What I did was keep most things on SmartThings and use the cloud API for starters. Then, as I had time to move things over, I would move a few items at a time. That’s actually still in progress as I write this, but the system works reasonably well.
I’ve seen a few folks who swapped the SmartThings hub out for Hubitat (which is similar in a number of ways to SmartThings, but used local control from the start.) However, if I did that, I’d use Hubitat for the ZigBee and Z-Wave networks and Home Assistant for the control and user interface.
Hubitat is a fair bit more plug-and-play with the devices it supports. Sometimes Home Assistant can be a bit finicky getting devices connected. Yet Home Assistant has better Automation capabilities and the User Interface is much more under your control (to the point where you can almost make it anything you want rather than just accepting the UI that’s provided. (Hubitat has a local integration to Home Assistant.)