Can I Make An Automation That Locks The Lights Off For A Set Amount Of Time

My 4 year old loves to turn her lights on when she should be sleeping but i don’t want to just lock them off all night in case she needs to get up to use the bathroom or something. Is there a way where i can setup an automation to lock the lights off for say, 10 minutes at a time. I want them to be off long enough for he to lose interest and go back to bed but not have to stay off all night.


If she is turning it off manually, there’s really not much you can do, I have an automation running that sets my thermostat to auto when someone changes it, it will work for you, but when she manually turns it on, the automation will turn it off, then she will turn it on again, and it will be a dance all night.

If she is turning on remotely, like a voice command or remote button, you can disable the automation.

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