Can I move Z-Wave stick between HA and Homeseer?

I currently have a HS4 instance with many Z-Wave associations using the HS stick. I am going to get an Aeotec 700 stick and reassociate all the devices to the Aeotec. My long term plan is to migrate to HA (already have an instance running). For trying features and operations between HS and HA, I would like to be able to move the stick between HS and HA and have all the devices still recognized and work.

I know the associations are stored in the stick, but will HS and HA “see” the same devices and work seamlessly when I plug in the stick?


No. Sorry.

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IF your current stick is compatible…
AND you have all of your appropriate encryption keys including S0 and S2
Youll be able to mount your stick in HA and set it up to use your nodes in HA.

That part in theory should work, and it’s a great way to bring your homeseer ZWave network in to HA… again IF you have all the requirements met…

But I would not reccommmend ‘going back and forth’. This is more a one time experience. Too many moving parts and potential to break things. I also have no clue where you get your homeseer ZWave encryption keys. (big part of your IF) Additionally, I don’t know if ZWaveJS / JsUI (unintentionally of course) does anything to the stick once you have it mounted to prevent you from going back.

I would however reccommmend ZWaveJSUI when you do finally move because there’s an easy way to back up said stick once you do.

OP wants to move the device back and forth between the two setups. This can never ever work.

Why is this true?
Is it HS limitiation?

Since network is on stick i cant understand limitation. Whether it works in practice is different.

I have successfully moved back and forth between the 2 platforms multiple times. No issues noted with either platform up to this point.


Obviously only 1 application can work at a time.
Specific Z-Wave devices supported by one platform may not be supported by the other.
HomeSeer keys are in the Z-Wave INI file, but the format is slightly different, there is a post on their forum on how to format correctly.
I have no experience migrating the S2 key.
I’m using a Z-Net device so the Home Assistant connection is IP/TCP Port, not serial.

My process:

Disable the HomeSeer Z-Wave plugin under the Manage Plugins page.
Point the Z-Wave-JS UI configuration to TCP://IPofZNET:Port
Enable the Z-Wave-JS Integration
Start Z-Wave-JS UI Add-on
Watch the logs. If it’s been a while, it will take 30-60 minutes for the startup interrogation to completely sync.
If I added new Z-Wave devices to HomeSeer, they are added to Home Assistant.
Note: I’ve only added/deleted devices via HomeSeer. Not sure if you could do this in both, but my gut says it would probably work fine as Home Assistant adds any new devices I added via HomeSeer without issue (other than potentially not recognizing the device).

My suggestions:

Backup both platforms before starting.
Make sure you disable the Add-on and Integration in Home Assistant while actively using HomeSeer.
Check logs carefully when switching.

So far neither platform has done anything to the controller that made the other fail or even unhappy in any way.

Good luck.


I’m trying to achieve what you have, but I’m struggling a bit (I’m super new to HA, but have had HS for many years). Do I only need to worry about the S0 key? Is it possible to somehow convert the S0 key from HomeSeer to HA Zwave JS UI, start the add-on, and import the devices? I’m kind of lost and can’t get it to work. So any help would be appreciated.

Hi @Jumper4000 , I’m trying to do the same thing. I have a Z-Net with HS4. I found the “Key” in my HomeSeer 4 Z-Wave.ini file. I’m assuming it’s an S0 key. I’m still not able to find any documentation on "converting the S0 key to the HA format. Were you able to get this working? Thanks.