Can I navigate to another Lovelace dashboard by using the top bar view tab?

Hi All,

I’m trying to navigate thru my Lovelace without using the sidebar. But I ran into the following challenge.

I use the main “overview” dashboard for almost everything so I can navigate using the top bar view tabs. But now I added a floorplan for my house where I have 1 view tab per floor, so I can navigate between them easily. I don’t want to add this to the “overview” tabs because it gets to crowded. This was solved by creating a new Dashboard for my floorplan. So far its all good. I can now navigate to the “floorplan” dashboard and change floors using the top bar tabs.

The challenge is that I would like to go back from this dashboard to my “overview” dashboard with some sort of back button.

My idea was to create a top bar tab named “Back” and automatically navigate to the “overview” dashboard when I click it. But this seems more difficult then I anticipated. (See screenshot below).

Does anyone have any suggestions or things I can try to accomplish this?

Things I already tried:
- Manipulate the view tab by adding the “navigate” action in the raw config editor.
- Adding a Back button into the view, although this works it’s not the ideal solution because my floor plan automatically changes orientation depending on the device screen width and not all floorplans are the same size. This means the button will be on a different position for every view.
- Adding the floorplans to the “overview” dashboards as Subviews. Although this creates the back button, I lose the navigation between floors using the top bar.
- Adding a button in the “back” view also works but that seems like an unnecessary click.

No one that can steer me in the right direction?