Can I query the available playlists?

I am using Rhasspy to generate events that are being sent into NodeRED via Home Assistant. I am able to use the HA media player to play playlists for which I have a media content ID (e.g., Playlists/Soul Christmas). I am using the Roon integration which allows the media_player's play_media command to do its thing.

When I pass an invalid media_content_id I get an error in the HA logs that helpfully displays the available pieces of content that I could have specified, which I have been using to fix things as they don’t work as expected.

Rhasspy allows for slot programs which would allow me to train Rhasspy to listen for media items with names that are refreshed as the values change. In my case, I would like to refresh the media items on some schedule with a list of the media available to me via the Roon interface.

Given that the information I am looking for is shown in the error message when an invalid value is pased, can I query the available playlists via the Home Assistant API?