Can I recreate a verbal command silently over API that has Alexa open a skill without using Bespoken?

The reason I ask is that the BBC removed their radio streams from Tunein a while back. The result is that you can no longer have Alexa wake you up with an alarm set to BBC radio. You can still launch BBC radio verbally as Alexa accesses them via the BBC Sounds skill. I’m hoping I can just set the command to initiate at a time I choose. Details are here - BBC blog

I saw that forum members had success in the past using Bespoken as shown here - Forum Post.
I don’t want to use Bespoken as it’s a paid service after a trial.

My questions are:

  1. Does anyone know how to silently initiate a command to Alexa that will initiate/navigate a skill?
  2. If not, what specifically is stopping us from doing it?
  3. Any details on how Bespoken achieves the ‘Speak’ aspect of their process? Bespoken Speak link

I was hoping I could recreate a process similar to Bespoken to make this work.

All my alarms are routines. Create a routine instead of an alarm will allow you to open the skill
Also you can call a routine from HA.

Automation routines (versions >= 1.0.0)

Running Alexa automation routines is now supported. Routines are tasks you can trigger through the Alexa App. Please create them using the Alexa app and ensure they are enabled . This is now exposed through the media_player.play_media service when the media_content_type is set to routine Example json:

{ “entity_id”: “media_player.alexa”, “media_content_id”: “Goodnight”, “media_content_type”: “routine” }

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Thanks and nice idea but once the BBC skill is launched, I need to ask it to play Radio 2. Not possible using routines as far as I can see.

If I’ve misunderstood, please correct me.

I use routines to control BBC Sounds.

In Alexa, Routines.
Add an action to your routine
Select Customised (not available on iPhone, but is on iPad)
Type ‘Ask BBC to play Radio 1’

Hope this helps