Can I run a .bin in background as service?

Hi mates, for my project I have particilar hardware, I’m accessing it by Raspberry3 GPIO, and manage it by RaspPiArduino compiled .bin file. I’m going to exchange data from .bin to HA by MQTT messages.
Question is: can I execute at startup the .bin file so the Hardware will be always respond when I will address it by MQTT from HA? I’m not an linux expert, in past I read there are chances to execute some code at startup like a service.
If yes may you please tell me how to?

Thank you for your kind answer.

PS: I-m figuring out how can I manage MQTT messages from RaspPiArduino skatch, the actual Arduino libraries for this including the Ethernet.h for managing the shield, but I have to use the Raspberry localaddress or its IP Ethernet port, by now I can’t compile the skatch. May someone can help me also for this? Thank you!

not in HASSIO. You can do anything you like running Raspbian or Hassbian.

ouch… honestly I was thinking that this answer was the easiest to obtain positive… and now I have a problem on this side too…
It looks strange I can’t execute anything else…
How can I have Home Assitant running and this process .bin? Can you kindly suggest me an idea? Thank you

I don’t pretend to execute .bin from HASSIO but execute it on startup and running it in background…

Perhaps you are not aware that HASSIO and Home Assistant are different?

Home Assistant is the application that runs, and HASSIO is one method in which to run Home Assistant.

You can do this using Hassbian, or Raspbian, or whatever OS you like, but the default HASSIO image will not allow you to do anything at the Host OS level.

You could build your own hassio addon.

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thank you friends for you kind replies. Honestly I don’t have an ide yet how it is, as I read to install it there is an image file, containing I suppose operating system, I don’t know how can I Raspbian and Home Assistant at the same time in the same Raspberry…
I need the .bin working in background cause it manage the hardware connected to the GPIO, and HA will sent it MQTT messages by localhost. I hope you undersood this is crucial for my project… or maybe there is a way to manage I2C hardware connected to GPIO inside HA, but without Arduino libraries I suppose I have to adress at low level all devices by I2C commands.

Can I somehow flash HASSIO and copy somewhere the file .bin and change some text file to execute it when system boot?
How can I eventually create an addon from the .bin file?
thank you

today I got time to understand more and I figured out, for my needs I should install Hassbian, then Python virtual and run on it Home Assistant. I can also start other processes in this way

Hassbian already has homeassistant built in. It is built on raspbian, so should do what you want.

I literal already said you cannot do this with hassio.

Hassbian is what you want, like I stated.

thank you mates, I relly appreciated you help, precious infos for me