Can I set the IP address directly on the ESPHome web interface instead of configuring it in the YAML file?

This is the webpage of esphome now.

I want to know
1 Can I directly input numerical values to set parameters, instead of dragging the control? It’s hard for me to precisely adjust to the desired values this way?
2 I also need to set an IP address, which currently can only be configured through a YAML file, and requires reinstalling the YAML for changes to take effect. Is there a way to make this IP address a string parameter that can be directly set on the web page?

Nope but web interface is only for debug as normally your ESP will interact with Home-Assistant so values will be programmatically from HA :wink:

Not possible in ESPHome but you can setup a fixed DHCP lease in your router or DHCP server if you don’t want to edit the yaml :wink:

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for 1.
I would think this is possible,
however, you could use a sensor
and update it’s value using the developertools in HA.

for 2.
I always use static leases, in that case if something needs to change I can do it at one place.

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Thank you, Bkbartk and Vincen.

However, the IP setting discussed is not for this device, but for another device on the same WLAN. This device needs to call the API of that other device, so it’s essential to know the IP address of the another device.

I will try to have my router working as local dns and assigning a local domain “mydevice.local” that you can use in yaml for the http request.
How to this depends on your router’s features.
Hope this might help.