Can I toggle modes, effectively turning off and on behaviour in HA?

I’m trying to explore HA and learn more about how to accomplish some interesting behaviours. What I have in mind is I want to toggle on and off a mode for HA. In “on” mode it announces/notifies any time a person enters or leaves any known zone. Call it “stalker mode”. Or I can turn that toggle to off, and HA does nothing.

Any blueprints or other ways to properly capture this internal state? I can imagine getting the toggle into Lovelace would be trivial. But how to create and track this internal state/mode?

You use an input boolean as a condition in your announcement / notification automations. I use a similar input_boolean:

Screenshot 2023-02-07 at 12-23-19 Overview – Home Assistant

If turned on this DND input boolean prevents my doorbell and local speaker announcement automations from firing the actions simply by checking its state in a condition.

Got it thanks!

Is there a way to create an automation that triggers on ANY zone leave event? The idea of adding the condition to every automation, and needing to create an automation for every zone, and then one for each person leaving any zone… Is there a more efficient way?