Can I totally get rid of my ISY994i ZW

Hi, New to the forum. Just found out about Home Assistant and it looks very interesting. I been using my ISY with my insteon devices for at least 8 years. Never liked the UI and having to login using java. My question is, with Home Assistant will I be able to totally turn off my ISY and have Home Assistant control everything. That would be awesome :slight_smile:

I have Insteon light switches, thermostats, garage door, lamplinc etc all controlled by plm.

Let me know so that I can start right away :slight_smile:

Update I was able to connect to my devices with the ISY integration. It was very easy. I disabled all of my automations (Programs) on the ISY and doing everything with the Home Assistant on my Raspberry PI.

Im still wondering if I can get rid of my isy and by the USB Version of my insteon plm. That would be sweet.