Can I upgrade to .55, or do I need to rebuild my Pi?

I have an rpi3 with Jesse installed for the OS and HA installed with AIO, which includes python 3.4.2.

The release notes on .55 talk about deprecating python 3.4. Do we need to rebuild with python 3.5 or 3.6 prior to upgrading HA?

Home Assistant will work with Python 3.4 up until early 2018, so it is not essential to upgrade for this release, but if you have time, it is sensible to get it done now.

The recommended method is to get a new sd image ( a rassbian stretch image from or a hassbian image) , however there are several threads on the forum about doing a distribution upgrade and re-installing the virtual environment, if you have more things on your SD card and can’t face the prospect of re-installing all of them.

Thanks. I’m not quite ready to do a major rebuild just yet. It is good to know I can hold off for a while.