Can i Use a ConBee switch in HA automations

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if it is possible to use a Zigbee switch which I have set up in the ConBee integration to perform other actions.

For example with one press of the OFF button that not only the lights go out, but also for example the sonos switches off or any function whatsoever.

The same question applies to using a button in the zigbee switch to operate a function in HA.

I use the IKEA remotes (round) and the iCase 4 and 8 way switches.

Thanks for contributing ideas.

Yes, you can. Do the battery levels for these switches show up as entities in Home Assistant.?

Go to Developer Tools -> Events and enter “deconz_event” in the “listening to events” box and press start listening. Now you should see events there whenever you press a button.

Take a look here in the docs for finding out to handle automations etc with remote controls.

Thank you for your quick response, stupid I didn’t look for it on the integration page.

I’m going to try something to get it done, but I think that it will work, probably gives a lot of fun possibilities!