Can I use a SONOFF ZBMINIL2 with Smart Lights in Home Assistant?

Hello everyone!

I’m in the process of setting up my smart home with Home Assistant and I am considering using the SONOFF ZBMINIL2 to address a problem where the switch kills power to my IKEA TRÅDFRI Smart Lights. Can this device effectively resolve this issue?

Additionally, I’m curious if I can set it up to function like a normal switch in case the Home Assistant server goes down. Is there a way to ensure manual control as a backup?

If anyone has alternative suggestions, such as another wall switch or a relay device, I’d love to hear your recommendations! I have a preference for Zigbee, but I’m open to other standards if they offer better functionality.

Thanks in advance! :smiley:

Yes you could wire it slightly different. Instead of Lout you connect both the live wire and the lead to the lightbulb to Lin. In that case the relais would still switch without function, but you could trigger an automation to turn on the lightbulb. This would basically turn your regular switch into a smart switch with an annoying click for no reason.
This would only work if the coordinator and Homeassistant are up. Theoretically binding would solve that, with your exact combination (zbmini + ikea bulb) I had no luck doing that. The switch would react if the light is turned on any other way but I could not get it to work the right way round.