Can i use a usb?

so my pc doesn’t have an sd card reader so I thought could I use USB stick to install home assistant i did not see any yt videos about it so can some one help if i could use usbtick?

Yes you can, and it is covered in the installation docs. Method 2:

If you are installing on a raspberry pi then yes but you will need to ensure it can boot from USB. Check youtube for info, easy to do.

Oops I assumed this meant they were trying to install on a PC:

Ignore that link I posted above it is for the Generic x86 install.

so i can install homeassistant on a raspberry pi with a USB without a sdcard

If your PI supports the boot from USB, yes you can. You need to enable this in the fimrware of the PI (if not already done).

how do i enable the firmware?

This is not Home Assistant specific: :slight_smile: