Can I use Home Assistant to click a button on a webpage?

Hello HA community!

Completely new to the HA environment and trying to see if it would work for me…I recently stumbled upon home assistant and think it could potentially be a solution to a project that I have. My work has a service that runs through a web interface that turns on and off different devices, changes dB levels, etc. The problem is, this web interface does not exist anymore (meaning the manufacturer no longer produces it nor can any documentation be found on it; however, the actual web interface is still accessible to us) and therefore cannot be easily integrated into automations. To solve this, I created a selenium script that opens a chrome tab and clicks a button (such as on/off, mute, etc) through its xpath (example of similar script can be seen here). I want to be able to integrate this into an automation so that, for example, at sunrise, HA triggers this script and clicks the mute button. While I did make the selenium script, I have also heard that a REST command may be able to trigger the same thing, I just don’t know how to set it up with our specific web interface buttons that I want to be clicked.

Is Home Assistant equipped to do this? What are the steps for running a selenium script? Is there any better way to execute what I am describing? Appreciate any and all advice!

How specifically would I use this to click the specific buttons on the web interface?

Does the button trigger get request or some JavaScript?

honestly a bit confused myself because in the inspector this is the only thing that happens when I click the buttons

What browser are you testing in? Try Firefox.

I would expect that error to means button calls missing object but according to this maybe it is browser related. Honestly my web skills aren’t great so my opinion means nothing here :smile: