Can i use raspberry pi 4 2gb?

Hello, I’m going to use home assistant for the first time and I don’t have any raspberry pi. I’m going to buy a new raspberry pi 4 but I live in Turkey and the prices are very expensive. So I’m wondering, would a 2GB raspberry pi 4 do the trick? (I used google translate)

It depends on your use case (how many automations, addons, etc)

But to answer your question, Raspberry Pi 4 with 2GB of RAM is included in the supported hardware of Home Assistant - see Supported Boards.

I’m running a 2GB Pi4 for over a year now (in Supervised mode) and it’s great. Maybe not the snappiest, but runs without glitches or delays (using 15 additional integrations to more than 80 native ones, have more than 400 entities). But, to be noted, I use it with a SSD, not SD card.

If budget is a constraint, consider a cheap second hand pc.

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But only if you don’t care about your electricity bill.
They recommend a 15W power supply for the RPi4. I don’t think you’ll ever get that low power consumption with a standard PC.

I’m currently running Home Assistant Container on a 2GB RPi4 and my total RAM usage stays around 500MB. I only have about 100 entities and 20 integrations though.

True that. But the advantages may outweigh that.

BTW I assume your ssd consumes power too?

I’m not using a SSD at the moment, just the standard SD card. But SSDs are actually not all that much power-hungry – they’ll be under 5W I think. And the whole system could still be powered by that 15W power supply as the RPi itself consumes much less power. See Power Supply - Raspberry Pi Documentation

I started with HA back in early 2018, with a RPi 3B+ with 1G RAM. That was new, top-of-the-line hardware at the time! It’s been running flawlessly ever since.

I will say that I don’t do anything processor intensive like streaming video or voice recognition.

Well i also stil use a rpi 3b+ with 1gb ram (with ssd), of course you can use rpi4 with 2gb ram. I have about 400 entities, 51 automations, 10 add-ons, 14 integrations and even more through hacs.
The rpi4 2gb ram is ok if you are starting with HA.

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