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The recommended hardware is at least a raspberry PI 4 which links to one with 4gb of memory in the documentation.

It says a raspberry PI 3 is ok if you have one “lying around”, but as you build it out and add more integrations/addons, it will become noticeably slower.

If you have at least 2gb of ram, and at least the RPI3, and aren’t using it to do anything too crazy (like run an NVR addon or something like that), you should be fine. (There’s some people still using 1gb of ram ok, but they are probably not able to do anything with video) Can i use raspberry pi 4 2gb? - #8 by CaptTom

Using what you have to get going will probably be best to get started before investing more money, but be aware if things are “slow” and glitchy, it becomes tougher to figure out if it is a config issue in Home Assistant or hardware issue. Upgrading hardware will be as simple as setting Home Assistant up on the new machine and copying the config directory (which has all your settings) over. There are a lot of topics on the forum about type of hardware and upgrading if you want to do a search for more info.

I mean it’s essentially impossible to get ahold of a raspberry pi these days without paying a fortune. That was the reason for this post:

If you can get ahold of a raspberry pi somehow or happen to have one lying around that is usable, great! Otherwise that post links the current recommended hardware based both on usability with home assistant as well as price and obtainability in the market today given the chip shortage.

The timing of the post was also not coincidental. It specifically mentions insteon in there since it figures insteon refugees would be looking how to get up and running as quickly as possible.

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