Can i Use Tasker with Zanzito?

Is there a way to connect Zanzito to tasker ?
so that i can use the incomming topics and message in tasker
and send data from tasker thrue the Zanzito broker to my Home Automation system

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Unfortunately not

There is MQTT plugin for Tasker. You do not need Zanzito at all for that.

I use the mqtt plugin for Tasker but its only for output.
there is another one with broker but its not reliable for me .(disconnects)

so i was thinking if Zanzito can do it , i have only one program running in the background .
and with tasker and Autonotification you can do a lot of nice things with home automation.

Which one are you using for subscribing to topics? I use MQTT Client and it works with Tasker pretty reliably for me.

Thats is also the one i use , I have only some problems with my new pixel 2 xl phone .
but i like the Zanzito program its easier to subscribe to topics.
and more options build in.