Can I use the devices created within the Broadlink app without relearning everything in Home Assistant?

I added a Broadlink RM 4 mini to my home assistant arsenal but I’m a bit confused how to use the devices I already learned in the broadlink app.

With every other integration when you add it to home assistant, it automatically adds all the entities/devices but with the Broadlink integration all it did was add the broadlink device itself and it did not add the Projector that I already learned.

Looking through the official Broadlink docs it just mentions how to learn the codes directly in home assistant and nothing about importing the devices already learned in the Broadlink app.

Am I missing something?

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Bad news: you can’t import codes from the app. HA stores them in config/.storage as a JSON file, which you can view with a text editor but not edit.

In fact I’m sure I read somewhere that if you’ve used the broadlink device with the app you should do a factory reset before using it with HA. The app is only needed to link it to your network. (This may predate the recent Broadlink integration, though).

Easiest way to learn codes is using the remote.learn_command service in Developer Tools. The docs with the integration are quite good on this.

Even when you have learned the commands for devices you don’t see them in HA as entities. They are not actually integrated with HA themselves.


If you were to go the Node Red route, it can access codes already learned in app but you would have to have installed one of Broadlink’s earlier apps I believe.

Check out

I used it with their e-control app and Node Red outside of Home Assistant successfully.