Can I view a device's config/state tree before I actually have the device?

A couple of times now I’ve wanted to know what parameters are supported by a device I was/am considering purchasing. (They both happen to be thermostats, but it’s really a more general question.)

I’d like to have some confidence, before buying, that HA will let me access, oh, the setting for the temperature units on the display, just as an example. Or, maybe I’d just like to get a feel for how rich the device’s API is.

So I’m talking both about both which (in the case of a thermostat) “climate” attributes it supports, and also what the quirks tree looks like.

To make this specific: I’m considering an Ecobee thermostat. How can I get a listing of everything I’d be able to read and write if I actually owned one? I’m picturing the kind of output I get from “api/services” or “api/states” using the REST API, I suppose, but perhaps there are other formats as well.

I think you would have to rely on the documentation for the integration, or dig into the code. For the ecobee thermostat it seems pretty clear, but I guess there could be models that don’t provide all the functionality. Since integrations can be built by anybody, the quality of the documentation can vary a lot.

Alternatively, I’ve seen people post “I’m thinking of buying x or y - any thoughts?” style messages on the forum. If you get negative or no responses that tells you something useful.

If you get negative or no responses that tells you something useful.


Thanks. I guess I’d assumed that the Home Assistant Integration API would have included the documentation of what the API provides – i.e., the HA code could ask an integration to enumerate its services and states, without having to instantiate them first. Too bad.

Akin to looking at the 1 and 2 star reviews on a product. The 5 star reviews are often by people with low expectations and lower clues. The 1 star reviews tell you more.

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